Falmouth and first milestone reached

Fri 29 Jul 2005 15:23
We set off from Torquay on Tuesday with F4 from the SE. We made good speed
round Start Point and - again with Spring tide under us - topped 9 knots
over the ground en route to Plymouth.

Visibility next day was not good and the rain was heavy. Also, with wind
light-ish and dead astern we had to motor. But we kept going with little
more to think about than dodging lobster pots to Falmouth. We got in about
1830 and were offered the Ellen MacArthur slot next to the Maritime
Museum. We celebrated with champagne and fish and chips.

It's a big relief to get here. Morale is pretty good. Nothing's happened
we haven't been able to cope with and it's been pleasing to make progress.
Of course, now we have the serious business of Biscay to think about. Brad
and Hayden Hurst are going to join us for the crossing, which is very

Thursday night Tim's cousin Robin picked us up and took us back to the
house he shares with Jane and Isabel in Feoch. Jane had cooked delicious
dinner and supplied Eddie with two mangoes. They're going to help us get
stuff back from the supermarket ahead of the 5 days to La Corunna. That's
a great help.

Tim has been looking at forecasts and Monday is current favourite for the

If we think we've got it tough we only have to look at the boat moored
alongside. Four Dutchman have just arrived after 60 days rowing from New
York. Gijs, Robert, Jaap and Maarten on Vopak Victory just missed the
record and ran out of food about 4 days from Falmouth. Amazingly, they're
still friends.

(We've not yet worked out how to reply to SMS text messages from the Sat
phone but we are getting them. Thanks and keep them coming.)