British Virgin Isles 1

Wed 26 Apr 2006 23:04
We had to motor the whole way from St Maarten. There was a bit of wind but it was right behind us. There was a lot of traffic, which came as a shock. Freighters, yachts and cruise ships. The latter just drift around at night lit up like Xmas cakes. It's impossible to tell which way they're going. We also had a few hard rain squalls that really cut visibility. But, not long after a rather grey dawn, we made it through Round Island passage and then North to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda (so named by Columbus because he thought it looked like a fat woman lying down) to check in. Wild Alliance were already there and Keoma turned up shortly after.
We then moved up to North Sound, which is a big bay surrounded by islands at the North of Virgin Gorda. And there were Coconut, Regina and Koshlong. It was good to be back in a gang again. Regina and Wild Alliance are going back to Europe via Bermuda. Koshlong are heading back to Canada. Keoma are going back to Antigua for race week before coming back to the UK. Coconut are up here for an Easter break before going back 'home' to Antigua.    
We anchored off the Bitter End Yacht Club (really a hotel) for a couple of nights. The kids all went off for snorkel between Prickly Pear and Eustatia Islands. Anna saw a sea horse. Koshlong and Regina hired a Hobie cat and gave us all a go. Anna even survived (and enjoyed) a capsize. Leon from Regina organised a team photo. Later we took salads and coals for a barbecue on Wild Alliance. While the adults drank and talked about their future employment (no longer do we talk of anchoring techniques and cruising plans) the children played and watched DVDs. It was an excellent night. (NB if your boat has the biggest deck, she finishes up as the party boat).
Anna and Pip lead the way to North Sound
Anna (bottom) snorkelling with Jonathan, Rachel and Emma (pic by Leon)
Clockwise from the front: Tamarisk, Keoma, Coconut, Wild Alliance, Regina and Koshlong
This time with Leon but without photographer Juliet. There is a touch of sadness now because we all know our time together is drawing to close. We all have to be out of the hurricane zone by June 1st, those of us heading back to Europe have to start the week long trip to Bermuda by mid May. After months of not worrying much about weather forecasts and counting tins of tomatoes and litres of water it's a bit daunting.
Needless to say we are making the most of these last we are heading for another party..
Eddie, Anna, Tim and Jessica of Regina on the Hobie Cat
Tug of War on the beach
Trond from Coconut organises the prize-giving
Children on Wild Alliance
Relaxing on deck
Watching Ice Age 2 in Jon and Viv's cabin