Antigua Pics 3

Mon 10 Apr 2006 00:25
We carried on making good use of our enforced stay in Antigua. We spent a fair bit of time with Trond, Leslie, Colin and Camilla of Coconut, which we enjoyed. They are spending a year in Antigua before going on across the Pacific. For the last week or so we were anchored off Pigeon Beach in Falmouth Harbour. The water is clean and you can swim from the boat or the beach. There are plenty of beautiful yachts in Falmouth Harbour - some already preparing for the race weeks that are coming up. We spent a couple of days a few miles further east in Nonsuch Bay - a big Bay tucked behind Green Island and a reef. We anchored in the smaller Brown's Bay on its South side and behind the reef. Anchoring with nothing but a line of white water marking the reef between us and the Atlantic was like being back in the Tobago Cays. For a while we had Brown's Bay to ourselves which was great. We also had a very good lunch in the Harmony Hall hotel that overlooks the bay. But two and a half weeks was enough. Once we got the windlass going, we set off for Nevis. 
Classic yacht practicising in Falmouth Harbour
Father and son relax after lunch
Brown's Bay from Harmony Hall
At last - alone in a bay with a beach and a bar
Looking East to the reef off Nonsuch Bay
Lunch after a swim
An early start from Falmouth
Sunrise over Antigua
We passed Montserrat on the way to Nevis - smoke rising from volcano on left of island
Redonda - an uninhabited rock currently ruled by King Robert Williamson of Antigua - known (according to the pilot book) as 'Bob the Bald'