We're off! - and THANKS

Wed 13 Jul 2005 15:48
Wed 13th July 1530 Sea Power Internet Cafe, Ramsgate

After the marathon effort of tidying and emptying the house and filling
the boat, we finally got away at 0745 on Tuesday and completed the 47
miles to Ramsgate at good speed in near ideal conditions - NE 3-4 plus
sunshine. Resting and repacking today.

A very big 'thank you' to everyone who helped us get away - Julie, Sally,
Robbie, Shirley, John, Chris, Angela, Suzi, Brad, Andy, Elaine, Jerry and
everyone else who stored, scrubbed, stacked, wrapped etc. Plus, thank you
to everyone in the impromptu departure party that saw us off when we
finally got down to Tamarisk on Monday evening. Apologies for our lack of
party zip.

Anna adds: Missing everyone very much. Still can't grasp the prospect that
we're going for a year. Still seems like a weekend trip. Hope to see you
all soon - maybe some of you somewhere on our travels.

Eddie adds: The days have got longer. We've been working hard. Daddy and
Mummy have been working hard. We've been having jokes and having fun. But
I miss my friends. We are having a very happy time.

No wind forecast for tomorrow so probably motor to Dover before Eastbourne
on Friday. Thinking about Littlehampton after that. Then outside the
island to Poole.

Keep the messages coming.

Love to all

Tim, Penny, Anna and Eddie