Las Palmas towards St Lucia starting Week 3

Sun 4 Dec 2005 13:12
Tamarisk Web Diary
E to W Atlantic Crossing, Week 2 Update
We've now been at sea for two whole weeks. We've covered 1750 miles. We've got about 1375 to go. That's a lot more than the 2700 shortest route from Las Palmas to Rodney Bay but we had to come South to avoid Hurricane Delta.   
We've had a couple of slower days with lighter winds but things are picking up now and we're promised better winds still after 40 West. If so, we'd hope to get in on the 14th.  
Anna has been reading a lot - she's moved onto the adults' books. We're trying to slow her down a bit with some Jane Austen. Eddie is playing with his Lego. Both are being remarkably patient. They really enjoyed getting emails from their schoolfriends. 
Giles had a flying fish come through the hatch and land in his bunk. Penny has had a fresh water shower - she must believe we're going to get in before Christmas. Tim still hasn't shaved.
The sun is very hot so we spend most of the middle of the day in the cabin with the hatches open. We've seen the odd light at night but, mostly, the ocean is ours.