Crew wanted!

Wed 1 Feb 2006 15:27
We are looking for crew to help us get the boat back from Bermuda to the Azores. Sadly, the old friend of Tim's who was really keen has had to pull out because of work commitments. 
We currently plan to leave the beautiful, sun-kissed isle of Bermuda around 20th May, hoping to arrive in the fascinating, unspoilt Azorean island of Horta about 1800 miles and two weeks later. This is the optimum time of year weather-wise for the trip. Beer and all other onboard rations provided. You just get to Bermuda and from Horta. 
Enthusiasm, easy-going nature and knowledge of GameBoys or Bratz dolls more important than being a Yachtmaster.
More details from the following disguised email address: tamarisk (sign for 'at') mailasail (dot) com with no gaps.