Mon 10 Apr 2006 00:52
Nevis is a small island 45 miles to the North West of Antigua. It's about ten miles across and has a population of ten thousand. We anchored off Pinney's Beach on the West coast, just North of Charlestown, the only town. It was here that Nelson met and married his wife, Fanny. It's a fairly laid back sort of place. There are the inevitable duty free shops for the cruise liner people and Pinny's beach is a lovely, long stretch of palm-lined trees but there doesn't seem to be much more. It was a fashionable resort in Nelson's day with European's coming out to bathe in the hot spring waters. A big hotel was built over the spring and it was hear that Nelson had his wedding reception. The building is now in a fairly bad state. Part of it is being used by the Prime Minister as an office. You can still paddle in the springs. It seems a pity some of the money spent building the duty-free jewelry shops could not be diverted to the old hotel and spring.    
Old Bath and Springs Hotel from the rear
And from the front
In the baths - it was 'boiling', according to Eddie, and all straight from the ground
First wash for a week
Main square in Charlestown
Anchored off Pinney's Beach. Mount Nevis in the background
Penny with a 'Killer Bee' in Sunshine's Bar on Pinney's Beach. Anna with something less potent. Previous clients (pictured over the bar) include John Travolta, Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Scary Spice and (surprise, surprise) the Duchess of York...
Anna contemplates as the sun sets
Eddie's hair on fire 
Anna and Eddie dancing in front of Sunshine's beach barbecue fire - a fire dance, according to Anna.
And the next day we left to go the ten miles to St Kitts.