Communications Update

Fri 18 Nov 2005 14:15
While we are going across we will be reporting our position to the rally organisers. You should be able to find our page by going to and following the links for ARC 2005. 
We will also try to update this website. That won't be possible if we have a problem with our laptop or if we're too busy sailing so don't get worried if that gets a bit out of date. 
We will be switching on our satellite phone between 1200 and 1300 GMT. Our number is + 88 1631 537 894. You can send text messages to that number as per the instructions on page 1 of this webdiary. Sorry but we can't send reply texts. Voice calls to our satellite phone are expensive but I've pasted some tips re cutting the cost below.   
Giles, our extra crew, also has an Iridium phone. Its number is + 88 1631 452 580. We hope to be in Rodney Bay, St Lucia by 12-15th of December.
This may make it cheaper to call our satellite phone:
1. To make a call to a satellite phone, dial: 0911 448 4488
2. At the prompt, key in the satphone number you wish to reach (starting

How you pay for calls:
The charge for calling the 0911 448 premium rate number will appear on your
phone bill charged at a rate of £1.50 per minute from when your call is
connected by our system. This is the only charge you will pay - there are no
extra costs.
(We've not tried this method but it looks worth a go.)