Botanical Gardens in Guadeloupe

Wed 22 Mar 2006 01:39
One of the highlights of our time in Guadeloupe was the botanical gardens in Deshaies.  We went with Blase, at first Oli and Ems like Eddie and Anna weren't convinced that this was going to be a great day out....but they quickly changed their minds...
Paul and Oli getting up close and personal with the wildlife...
Anna's not so sure.
Fortunately not all the birds wanted feeding..
And the flowers were beautiful.
This was Anna's favourite, sadly the climate in Chelmondiston isn't quite good enough.
The children still really liked the action plants..
There were lots of winding paths high above the bay...and this was our view as we headed back down into the town.  Tamarisk was anchored just on the far left..
Anna says "I really like the botanical gardens and I like Guadeloupe, if I could pick places to come again this would definitely be one of them".