Las Palmas towards Rodney Bay - into the 4th but hopefully final week

Sun 11 Dec 2005 13:22
Tamarisk Web Log 11th December 2005
Four hundred miles and counting! At 1300 today we'd been at sea for 3 weeks. We've had some good steady winds over the past couple of days so even with a reduced rig have managed to make reasonable progress. More wind has ennabled some of the bigger boats that were slower in light winds to get by us but we still think there are a dozen or so behind us. Our handicap suggests we should be last but 8.
We've turned off the fridge because we were worried we were running out of diesel. We'd eaten most of its fresh contents but it means our daily beer is not the temperature it should be. We've apples, potatoes and onions left and Giles is currently fishing for our supper. Yesterday we found some of the eggs had gone bad. We do have enough pasta and rice to cross the Pacific a couple of times.
We can't really believe it's Christmas. It's very hot. Because of the rigging troubles, we'll almost certainly be spending Christmas in Rodney Bay. We're sure there'll be other children plus plenty to do. Anna and Eddie will be jealous if there's snow in Chelmo. (Hopefully, they'll acquire a sense of proportion as they grow up).   
We, meanwhile, can almost taste the rum punch.