Position at 1200 UTC Monday 26th June

Mon 26 Jun 2006 15:17
44.18.96N and 18.57.01W   654 miles to the Lizard.
Still heading east to skirt south of a low pressure system building south of Ireland.  However wind shifted to the east last night so we were forced to lose some of our northing.  Regaining it during Monday as winds continue to back to the north.  Forecast is for southwest winds, building as the front nears which should us chance ot set a course straight for the UK. 
All settled in to passage life again.  Caroline has put out the fishing line, and saw her first whales of the trip yesterday afternoon.   Anna and Eddie plan to play their traditional half way chocolate game this afternoon.
Weather cold, grey and damp.  Hope to make landfall Saturday night/Sunday morning.