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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Mar 2010
Wed 24 Mar 15:37 We are safe and recovering well
Mon 22 Mar 01:34 We take our final bow 16:58.900N 61:44.800W 16:58.90N 61:44.80W
Sat 20 Mar 20:09 (no subject)
Fri 19 Mar 20:32 (no subject)
Fri 19 Mar 17:22 Mail problems
Thu 18 Mar 22:08 The elephant is starting to give in :-) 17:01.000N 58:36.55W 17:01.00N 58:36.55W
Wed 17 Mar 22:18 Far to Go? You decide
Tue 16 Mar 22:46 Weather window?
Mon 15 Mar 21:12 We're off again :-) with a little help?
Sun 14 Mar 23:25 Hope? 17:05.000N 55:38.000W 17:05.00N 55:38.00W
Sat 13 Mar 22:26 Mullering Saturday and Mothering Sunday 17:08.000N 54:54.000W 17:08.00N 54:54.00W
Fri 12 Mar 22:00 Where are our heads at? 17:11.000N 54:26.000W 17:11.00N 54:26.00W
Wed 10 Mar 21:10 Re: 17:22.327n 53:48.427w 17:22.33N 53:48.43W
Wed 10 Mar 20:10 17:22.327n 53:48.427w 17:22.33N 53:48.43W
Tue 09 Mar 18:21 Anchors away :-) 17:19.999N 53:17.500W 17:20.00N 53:17.50W
Mon 08 Mar 21:01 Blue Monday?
Sun 07 Mar 18:40 Rowing..but not as we know it 17:10.477N 52:27.999W 17:10.48N 52:28.00W
Sat 06 Mar 20:14 It's here and it's gone
Fri 05 Mar 19:58 And the drugs do work..they don't make things worse 16:57.000N 51:15.000W 16:57.00N 51:15.00W
Wed 03 Mar 20:38 Deconstructing Atlantic rowers 16:55.00N 49:35.000W 16:55.00N 49:35.00W
Tue 02 Mar 21:04 Weather and some reflections 16:56.000N 49:02.000W 16:56.00N 49:02.00W
Mon 01 Mar 19:37 Re: Speed is the name of the game
Mon 01 Mar 19:35 Re: Speed is the name of the game
Mon 01 Mar 14:41 Speed is the name of the game
Feb 2010
Sun 28 Feb 20:22 Perfect Getaway
Sat 27 Feb 21:39 Positivity is the name of the game 17:25.000N 46:58.000W 17:25.00N 46:58.00W
Fri 26 Feb 19:44 17:53,867n 46:49.555w
Thu 25 Feb 14:21 Tricky times
Tue 23 Feb 16:38 Oh Peter....Oh Peter....it's No Fear Here again
Mon 22 Feb 21:27 Quiet day of annoyance
Mon 22 Feb 13:31 So that's what I call music, Atlantic Mix 2010 17:37.228N 45:15.696W 17:37.23N 45:15.70W
Sun 21 Feb 21:31 Feeling Hot Hot Hot and the bangers are set off 17:36.890N 44:44.830W 17:36.89N 44:44.83W
Sat 20 Feb 20:28 Whether the weather is worthwhile
Fri 19 Feb 20:33 Re: 17:33.753N 43:30.901w 17:33.75N 43:30.90W
Thu 18 Feb 21:16 Just another scorcher 17:33.005N 42:52.650W 17:33.01N 42:52.65W
Wed 17 Feb 20:11 Green Flash and the tricky question of how long 17:35.991N 41:52.361W 17:35.99N 41:52.36W
Tue 16 Feb 18:47 17:40.833N 41:07.025W 17:40.83N 41:07.03W
Mon 15 Feb 18:47 On the move
Sun 14 Feb 19:10 Tech problems
Sun 14 Feb 19:08 Re: stuffed again...
Sun 14 Feb 19:07 Re:
Thu 11 Feb 21:55 There's alot happening... for somewhere quiet 18:25.759N 38:51.323W 18:25.76N 38:51.32W
Wed 10 Feb 18:45 Fug fug fug fug 18:33.555N 38:15.914W 18:33.55N 38:15.91W
Tue 09 Feb 18:43 Almost a typical day at the office... 18:56.152N 37:32.154W 18:56.15N 37:32.15W
Mon 08 Feb 20:35 Damn lies and statistics 19:07.915N 36:48.016W 19:07.92N 36:48.02W
Sun 07 Feb 20:54 The weather Gods start to shine down on us 19:21.313N 35:31.000W 19:21.31N 35:31.00W
Sat 06 Feb 21:54 Another perfect moment..plus hang our heads in shame 19:23.916N 34:59.458W 19:23.92N 34:59.46W
Fri 05 Feb 20:38 Limericks and weather 19:25.132n 34:12.295w 19:25.13N 34:12.29W
Thu 04 Feb 18:17 a 'shift in the life of an ocean rower'...and what direction? 19:28.321n 34:15.665
Wed 03 Feb 18:44 Oh yeah...My Sea Is On Fire 19:42.19N 32:29.687W 19:42.19N 32:29.69W
Tue 02 Feb 19:11 Back on track 19:42.519N 31:54.303W 19:42.52N 31:54.30W
Mon 01 Feb 19:54 Back in the saddle again 19:45.499N 31:23.778W 19:45.50N 31:23.78W
Jan 2010
Sun 31 Jan 21:48 Same old place 19:51.609N 31:16.177W 19:51.61N 31:16.18W
Sat 30 Jan 14:44 Anchors...not away! 19:52.569N 31:19.448W 19:52.57N 31:19.45W
Fri 29 Jan 18:38 Limerick competition...cast your votes....
Fri 29 Jan 13:47 Para-anchor is our friend and Whale Ahoy!
Thu 28 Jan 11:43 Anchor 19:42.031N 31:33.124W 19:42.03N 31:33.12W
Wed 27 Jan 17:51 Bad weather 19:34.766N 31:39.383W 19:34.77N 31:39.38W
Mon 25 Jan 18:11 It's a merry second christmas from the boat 19:30.525N 30:35.530W 19:30.52N 30:35.53W
Sun 24 Jan 10:37 it's a beautiful day...enjoy
Sat 23 Jan 17:35 significant milestone and the anatomy of a long distance rower 19:53.653 28:59.197W
Fri 22 Jan 15:40 Fish and Tunes 20:15.363N 28:04.501W 20:15.36N 28:04.50W
Thu 21 Jan 16:35 Swimming with the Fishes 20:31.383N 27:33.373W 20:31.38N 27:33.37W
Wed 20 Jan 18:40 another slog and flying fish anyone? 20:55.993N 26:45.532W 20:55.99N 26:45.53W
Tue 19 Jan 17:38 Well into the pattern 21:43.313N 25:58.029W 21:43.31N 25:58.03W
Mon 18 Jan 18:52 just another day today..
Sun 17 Jan 17:30 big appology 22:13.730 24:34.224
Sat 16 Jan 17:22 16th Jan questions and other bits 22:33.510 24:01.771
Fri 15 Jan 16:37 First shark of the journey
Thu 14 Jan 18:19 chalk this one up to experience and move on 23:07.199N 22:46.235w 23:07.20N 22:46.23W
Tue 12 Jan 14:05 day 9 on a lttle yellow boat
Mon 11 Jan 15:43 Day 8 Motivational words indeed 24:15.069N 20:31.773w 24:15.07N 20:31.77W
Sun 10 Jan 15:52 bad day
Sat 09 Jan 12:39 Day 5 - on the little yellow boat 25:17.916N 18:46.528w 25:17.92N 18:46.53W
Fri 08 Jan 12:50 questions answered plus our position at time of sending 25:49.092N 18:02.989w 25:49.09N 18:02.99W
Wed 06 Jan 14:39 Welcome abard...
Mon 04 Jan 08:39 last blog on dry land
Mon 04 Jan 07:38 And they're off
Sun 03 Jan 18:16 Row for home (as fast as we can)
Fri 01 Jan 18:47 On the verge of getting our passports stamped
Fri 01 Jan 11:47 Spice it up.
Dec 2009
Tue 29 Dec 18:59 A glimmer of hope on the horizon.
Mon 28 Dec 22:25 Life in La Gomera, nothing has changed
Mon 28 Dec 13:39 Strange to be back
Wed 16 Dec 11:12 Is that a high pressure system I see building? A late Christmas present
Tue 15 Dec 20:12 New Start Date
Sun 13 Dec 10:40 Focus
Fri 11 Dec 13:44 Important update on the weather, a decision has been made
Fri 11 Dec 00:07 totally unexptected
Wed 09 Dec 14:25 The weather is still looking bad for a start this week 28:05.317N 17:06.571W 28:05.32N 17:06.57W
Tue 08 Dec 23:58 Deceptive weather
Mon 07 Dec 17:23 No Fear performs fantastically in the Gomera Cup, plus time to focus
Fri 04 Dec 17:49 Wednesday is officially the new Sunday
Thu 03 Dec 20:18 It's official
Thu 03 Dec 08:19 Glimmer of hope for a Sunday start
Wed 02 Dec 12:30 Long nights planned
Tue 01 Dec 19:46 Boat's ready...but what about the flares and the weather :-(
Nov 2009
Sun 29 Nov 22:20 ' wise words'
Sat 28 Nov 22:48 You never forget your first day at sea in an ocean rowing boat
Sat 28 Nov 07:55 We're on the water :-)
Thu 26 Nov 20:09 language challenge
Wed 25 Nov 20:29 Paranormal? No, para-anchor!
Tue 24 Nov 19:38 Still in the car park
Mon 23 Nov 19:32 first monday away
Sun 22 Nov 21:58 Scrutineering here we come! 28:05.38N 17:06.46W 28:05.38N 17:06.46W
Sun 22 Nov 08:27 madrid airport
Fri 20 Nov 22:12 On our way at last
Thu 12 Nov 20:43 Its all in the title...
Tue 03 Nov 21:13 final straight before kick off
Tue 03 Nov 20:55 No turning back now!
Tue 03 Nov 20:01 Last minute preparation 51.5N 0W