Day 31 - Almost there

Sat 2 Dec 2017 13:34
18:12.869N 060:02.715W
I am delighted to be able to bring you this episode of our chronicle this morning, knowing how everybody out there waits on tenterhooks for the daily update. Why, you may ask. Firstly because it is almost at an end and tomorrow, in 23hrs and 43 minutes according to our log, we will arrive at our destination. Secondly because Alan woke up a few minutes ago and, in a state of shock, managed to spill his tea over my computer. No damage done so here we go again.
After a long and particularly hot day yesterday we were once again treated to a visit from a fairly large family of Dolphins who jumped and dived and generally frolicked around our bows for a good while. As I have said before in this blog, it is really a great privilege to be able to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat doing what they do naturally (sorry, I could not think of a better word).
Last evening we had a steady and favorable wind of about 10 to 15 knots which, along with a calm sea, allowed us to pick up our pace a wee bit and we logged 96 miles over the 12 hour period. At this stage we are about 170 miles out of St Martin so, if we continue at this pace, we should start to see the island of Barbuda late this afternoon or in the early evening. As we get closer things will slow down a bit because we will need to be on the look out for fishing boats and lobster pots set by the locals as well as the general island boating traffic that one would expect in the area.
We reset our watches this morning to Caribbean time which is six hours behind South Africa and fours hours behind GMT.
Audrey tells me that there is no Mugg & Bean on the island so it looks like there will be no Eggs Benedict for breakfast. On the positive side she assures me that the nearest pub is a mere 30 meters from our mooring. Look out St Martin, you are about to be visited by "3 old men from the sea".
So it is now time to return to the deck for one more day of reading and watching the Atlantic go by. Tomorrow, when we should have a reliable internet connection, I will try to post a selection of pictures from the trip. Until then, cheers.