Day 25 - The Middle of Nowhere

Sun 26 Nov 2017 16:01
18:29.721N 042:38.258W
We are now, as near as dammit, halfway between Mindelo and St Maarten. 1100 odd Nm to go and 1100Nm done. Of the total trip we have now travelled 3622 nautical miles since leaving La Rochelle 23 years, sorry that should be 23 days ago.
Officially that means that we are definitely in the middle of nowhere.
Book reading, as you may have gathered from our last few posts, has become the number one activity on the boat. After sleeping that is. While I am still deeply buried in book 4 of Conn Iggulden's Emperor Series, a collection of 5 novels depicting the life of Julius Caesar, Duncan and Alan are well into Ken Follett's new book, A Column of Fire, which is the third in the Pillars Of The Earth trilogy. All very heavy stuff.
Al has downloaded the audio book and is listening to it on his iPad through earphones. At times we are not sure if he is sleeping or lost in concentration. There have certainly been times where he has rewound and repeated a chapter but those may have been to clarify a point rather than because he lost his place.
Today dawned with us surrounded by isolated squalls dotted around the horizon and a very good chance of rain. In fact, we have just been treated to a short shower. This will make Richard happy as the fresh water will wash the accumulated salt off the boat and he will not need to do it manually.
And that is about that. We are plodding along in our routines and looking forward to seeing land, possible around Saturday.
To those who ran the RAC Tough One, we hope you had a good run and enjoyed the day.
Love and regards to all who are not in the Middle of Nowhere