Day 23 - The Atlantic (Again)

Fri 24 Nov 2017 16:02
18:15.176N 036:29.700W
Its Friday. I only know that because my watch says its Friday. It seems that everyday since we left Cape Verde has become the same and rolled into one. Monday afternoon to Friday morning all the same. Flat seas and no wind.
Kyle was right when he told me that at 6 nautical miles per hour you must not look over your shoulder as you will see yesterday trying to overtake you.
We are now one third of the way across the Atlantic to St Maarten and it is clear that it is going to take more than 12 days to get there.
We have had two rain squalls during the 2 to 6 am shifts which are dramatic, hard and fast and they disappear almost as fast as they arrived. It does, however, cool down the air. Apart from that, it seems that we have not seen anything except blue sky and blue seas for days.
Maybe it is time for a nap to help the day pass by.