Day 20 - The Atlantic

Tue 21 Nov 2017 14:32
17:28.981N 27:24.697W
We have left Mindelo after a day and a half. We won't be missing it much but it is crossed after the big list. Mindelo is a scruffy African port, run down and desperately needing a cash injection. Everyone seems to be poor or scraping a living.
Jeremy, Duncan, Rickard and I were walking along the esplanade just after we arrived on Sunday from Las Palmas. A really scruffy and still pissed hooker staggered across the road and accosted me. (mostly because I had fallen a bit behind the others) "I recognise you! I took you home last night and when I woke you were gone and so was my money." I presume this is the basis of a viable scam involving the local police and we had only just arrived but what a story.
Once all the final fueling and provisioning had been done we left Mindelo. We had a little wind last night but, based on our speed the GPS is now predicting a 13 day crossing. We need to hope for more wind (not too much though. No hurricanes!)
Don and young Richard have been in the small engine space making necessary repairs to the watermaker which developed a kink in one of it's pipes.
The sea is still smooth and hardly a ripple ruffles its surface. Richard has just caught a Dorado. A small one, smaller than the lure that it tried to attack. He was lucky as he was too small to eat so he was released.
Everything has settled down again so maybe it is time for a nap.