Day 11 - Wednesday/Thursday

Thu 9 Nov 2017 13:36
33:22,752N 12:49,502W

Last night, Tuesday, Duncan and I had the midnight shift. It was cloudy and very dark but not too bumpy. We had the engines off and were running along under genoa only. So quiet and peaceful with only the sound of the waves against the boat.

Everything looked good for a smooth cruise in the morning with no need for beanies and heavy clothing.

Shows how unpredictable the sea is. After a few hours sleep we woke to find that Poseidon had different ideas and the seas, while still behind us, were huge. Oh well, back to foulies and boots. Guitar lessions will need to wait for another day I am afraid.

We are making good time and are now around 500 miles from Las Palmas, 3 to 4 days sailing all being well. Clean clothing stocks are beginning to run low so, as soon as internet access is re-established, we will be Googling to find a wishy-washy that also sells cold beer.

In the later afternoon we were visited by a school of porpoises who were playing around the bows. Sadly none of us had the courage or steadyness of foot to go forward so wewatched from upstairs. Still it was an honour to be visited by such beautiful creatures.

We were, yet again, treated to a wonderfully hot and tasty meal from our cook. I am not sure how Audrey keeps preparing and serving such incredible food from a moving kitchen, but it is certainly a talent to be nurtured.


The watch from 2 to 6 am wasquiet with not much to report. The sky had cleared and, even with the moon shining bright, the stars were a sight to see.

This morning is mostly clear and a little warmer. Not quite 'budgy smuggler' temperature yet but we are getting there.

The main activity of the day will be the start of guitar lessons. Watch out on your favourite TV channel for the new hit show "The Atlantic's got talent" or "Where have all the porpoises gone?"

We are all well and doing fine, although missing family and friends at home.