Day 12b - Arrival Las Palmas

Sun 12 Nov 2017 17:49
28:08.45N 15:25.56W

Another lumpy night with Richard and I on the 2 to 6 shift. Boat traffic increased but not by as much as I would
have thought on a major shipping lane.The charts indicated that islands were 30 mile3s away and the wind was a
little warmer.

10:00 Entered the harbour at Las Palmas and were instructed to go the the "check in" quay but it was full. Don
went to the fuel pumps and we filled up. Some officials not happy. One charge and a high volume pump made it easy
to fuel up.

Don had problems with getting us into a mooring in spite of 2 emails confirming a reservation.

As is normal in sailing we are now waiting for further developments.....

14:00 Eatin and moved to another berth. Never argue with an official, even when you are right. Donald had to nod
and thank them profusely for allowing us to berth in a berth that we had booked.

Duncan and jeremy have been sent out to find the laundromat, a restaurant and a supermarket while Richard (Dobbie)
are tidying up.

I wait in anticipation for the return of the recce crew.