La Rochelle again - Day 3

Thu 2 Nov 2017 16:18
46:08.72N 01:10.06W

The day started once again with a run walk for Jeremy and I on which we were accompanied by Rikard, to be honest this became an enjoyable site seeing tour with a coffee break in the old town.
Time seems to move really slowly in La Rochelle especially on a public holiday so no technicians on the boat today, this gave Donald, Audrey and Richard some time to sort out the boat. Donald made the mistake of asking me to assist him in securing some fishing rod holders. The first one was very successful but the second holder proved to be a little obstinate, which required some elbow grease resulting in the bolt snapping off. This gave Donald a chance to test most of his tools on the boat to sort out the problem. Needless to say this got resolved after much discussion and distraction.
Did keep us all entertained.
Al and I were then tasked with doing the washing, requiring the lugging of  washing bags to the laundromat and the use of many coins to wash everything. Kept Al and I occupied watching washing tv.  Lunch was on the boat and we found a pattiserie which supplied us with fresh baggettes which went down well with cheese and all sorts of other goodies.
We eventually found a pub in town in the late afternoon and had a few beers and lots of natter.
The discussion moved to politics and after some debate Jeremy suggested we put politics on the banned list for the next 5 weeks, I did try to suggest that we add history, but then what would we talk about? 
Anyway another day of La Rochelle and preparing for the adventure, looks like we will only leave on Friday about 2 on the high tide.