Day 29 - One day closer

Thu 30 Nov 2017 14:03
18:28.406N 054:07.899W
It was at some stage I requested that the fish, besides the flying fish, should come out and show themselves to provide at least some entertainment. Someone must have been listening, or somefish.
Yesterday afternoon just before dinner we were treated for starters, to a visit by a few Atlantic porpoises who swam around the boat for a few minutes. Then sitting upstairs, I heard a crash of something landing in the water, it sounded like something being thrown off the boat. Thinking nothing of it, next Donald heard a crash on the other side of the boat, commenting "That sounds like a strange wave". Looking ahead we then saw the shape of a large whale heading straight ahead of us. We were not sure how many there were, but did they put on a show, lifting their complete bodies out of the water and landing back with an enormous splash. This went on for a good couple of minutes. Needless to say, all the cameras came out and you will see evidence of these magnificent creatures in their natural environment, what a privilege to be able to witness this first hand. A little while later a number of whales returned and swam around the back of the boat and then passed the boat. It is incredible to see the speed that they travel through the water, quite phenomenal. What a treat.
The experience above will certainly go down as one of the highlights of our trip. We are now heading for St Martin at a steady pace, expecting to arrive on Sunday about midday. We are all looking forward to getting our feet back on solid ground. Just as exciting is, I have established that St Martin is a tax free island, so time for some serious shopping. Having been deprived of this in La Palmas, and certainly Mindelo, where there were virtually no shops, I can feel a big shop coming on. Hope there are some shops left to shop in?
In our future I can most certainly predict, after reading my tea leaves, a tall glass with amber golden liquid, and droplets forming on the outside of the glass. The picture is forming and becoming quite vivid.
We have our last few days out at sea and will have plenty to talk about when we return home.
Love and missing you