Day 26 - Just passed the middle of nowhere

Mon 27 Nov 2017 15:53
18:39.776N 045:35.958W
We have just broken through the 1000nm mark, this is a bit like getting to Kloof on the downrun of Comrades.
Very much a mind game from here on, or should I say, taking your mind of the game as much as possible.
From here on, it is a matter of counting down the days and taking it one day at a time, but were are making good progress and can see the end approaching.
The outlook does not seem to change much, there is just a lot of water everywhere, it would be great if the fish could put on some form of entertainment, especially at night. Even the local porpoises have not paid us a visit for a few days. At least the flying fish do put on a show from time to time, we have all become keen watchers of the strange fish as they take off and negotiate their flight across the waves.
The watch times have a different impact on the activities of the following day. Those who have had the evening 6 to 10 watch end up having a good nights sleep, so are very chirpy the next day. The 10 to 2 watchers try to get some sleep before their 10pm start time and then crash after 2am for a couple hours sleep. The 2 to 6 shift seems to allow one to get a reasonable sleep before the shift and then a little nap in the morning after completion of the shift does help a little. There is a lot of discussion as to the effects of the shifts on the general wellbeing the following day. Trust me, we will all be pleased to put an end to these shifts.
Lunch is normally ready by 12ish and then it is more reading and sleeping. Dinner is ready by 5:30 and then there is normally a mass exodus to bed and sleep.
It's a tough life on the high sea's, me hearties.
Well done for completing Tough One yesterday, another one in the bag.
Love and missing you