Here we go again

Tue 14 Nov 2017 11:41
27:55.27N 015:20.55W

It is 9:30 on Tuesday, 14 November and we are off again.Thank you to everyone in Las Palmas , it was a pleasant stay. We caught up with dear friends and enjoyed the entertainment the three wise men provided. Their antics make for a very enjoyable trip. Their pearls of wisdom are never ending and their debates and views of the trip and life in general are very entertaining.

Rickard flew out for a few days to attend to business and the three men went sight seeing on an open-top city bus.

We went out for our last meal onshore for a while last night, and it was captain's choice. You guessed it, Burger King! The Big Woppers and Oreo and Kit Kat milkshakes had some of us up for a few hours last night. We think he has had his last turn choosing an eating place.

I have been threatening to cook two batches of Beef Stroganoff the last couple of days, after I took a break from cooking 13 meals on Saturday. I gave in this morning after being abused by the men. So lunch today is sliced chicken on fresh baguette and dinner is Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles.

The weather prediction is fair winds with following seas and we are looking forward to visiting Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands.

We are thinking of our loved ones every day and we are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

All our love, Audrey and Team Nenne