Day 17 - Sailing to Cape Verde Islands

Fri 17 Nov 2017 15:48
21:13.630N 021:42.526W

Another relaxing day with a flatter following sea and a light following wind. This does, however, have a downside. We go slower!

The wind and waves are no longer driving us forward at 10 kts and our average speed has dropped to 7.2 kts. Our expected arrival time in Mindelo is now Sunday morning and not Saturday.

The monotony of sitting watch has set in and depending on your shift you feel tired all day. The 12 to 2 and 2 to 6 shifts are the worst. They make you feel sleepy all day. I often drop off while reading. (Ed. We have never known this to happen before!)

Don has transferred fuel from the deck tank to the engine tanks and we continue to drive forward on one engine at a time.

We still see very few other boats on the horizon although we still see a few on the AIS screen. The ARC fleet left Mindelo on Tuesday 14th and we think that after a quick stop to refuel, pick up Rickard and get provisions as required we too will be on our way. Don says some of he boats are very slow and we should start to catch up with them quite quickly. The Canaries fleet leaves on 19th November and will head straight out across the Atlantic so we may see some of them as well over the next weeks.

Well lunch time is approaching and an afternoon nap is required.