day 16 log

Thu 16 Nov 2017 16:50
23:16.472N 019:37.500W

After completing the dog watch, with it still being dark, Jeremy and I saw no point in facing the day and headed straight back to bed. Donald has evidence that the two geriatric teenagers, with extremely attractive beards, slept very well.

Mid morning saw what could only be described as the big unferling of the pink monster. As the wind was very light, around 10kts, it was time to bring out the genika, the impressive foresail which you see in all the yatching pictures. This did require bolting the sail to the front of the boat and hoisting this to the top of the mast, quite an exercise. This sail is absolutely enormous, and as it slowly unferled took on a personality all of it's own. With a great pop of this great pink sail, inscribed are the words, "Donald chose the Color". An extremely impressive expression of Donald's favourite colour. Donald insisted we take lots of pictures as it can be very dangerous and difficult if this sail is hoisted in stronger winds, so we are unlikely to see this again. Don't worry we did take lots of pictures.

Shortly thereafter we were treated to a visit by a large school of dolphins, I'm sure they had seen the sail and just had to have a closer look. It really is that impressive.

We are being treated to really good food on the boat, with boerie rolls for lunch and chicken cordon bleau with roasted vegetables for dinner. There seems to be a carefully thought out and executed menu which Audrey is providing for us, we really do appreciate every meal that is put before us.

Progress is slow at the moment with slight winds and a gentle following sea, so it looks like we will only be getting to Mindela, Cape Verde early Sunday morning. Three more night time watch slots before we get there.

Love and missing you all