Day 14 - Las Palmas

Mon 13 Nov 2017 10:58
28:08.45N 015:25.56W

To misquote Oliver 

"Beer, glorious Beer,
 Ale, Lager or Porter"

Once we were safely moored up Duncan and Jeremy, being the more responsible members of the crew, were sent out on a reconnaissance mission to find a supermarket, restaurant and laundromat. As we are parked about 50 meters away from a large shopping centre, the first to assignments were easily fulfilled. We failed on the laundromat but, on our return to Nenne, we did pass a sidewalk cafe so we felt duty bound to stop for a quick beer. Alan was devastated when he heard about it.

As anyone who knows us will appreciate, Saturday at 4pm is a highly spiritual moment in our lives. So at the appointed hour Alan, Duncan and Jeremy duly presented themselves at the aforementioned cafe to have the necessary liquid refreshment and speak of many things. It was indeed a very rewarding meeting.

When I first thought of Las Palmas I imagined a small port town on an island with a yacht harbour and not much else. In fact it is quite a big city with a very big port centered around a large bay. The waterfront is lined by multi storied blocks of flats and office blocks. The city is situated on a narrow isthmus, the far side of which also being lined by holiday flats and hotels. This area is fronted by a wide promenade which is lined sidewalk cafes and restaurants. I reminds one of Camps Bay.

We all went to have dinner in town where the locals were celebrating a local festival called "Womad". Very noisy and festive but it was all a bit much. I guess we were all a bit tired by then.

Sunday morning called for a run. 10 kms along the seafront helped to wake us up and prepare us for the long day ahead. Alan, Duncan and I were tasked with getting the washing done so we traipsed off with the trolley and a boat full of laundry to locate the wishy washy.  When we finally found the "Speed Queen" establishment it was located in a less than salubrious area of town. For example, one of the neighboring businesses was the local sex shop - which proudly advertised 30 private peep show viewing rooms.

Two hours, and many kilograms of washing, later we returned to the boat for a rest, lunch and a beer. What an amazing crew! Dinner in a restaurant on the far side of the island was followed by an early return to Nenne and a good nights sleep.
This morning Duncan and I went for another 10 km run along the seafront. The promenade was busy with people running, walking and doing all sorts of other exercise. There was one particular area where a group of surfers were obviously getting their pre-work wave fix. We stopped for coffee and a pastry and returned to the boat for breakfast.

This afternoon the crew are going to take the local Hop-On Hop-Off bus to have a look around and we will be leaving tomorrow for the next leg of the adventure.

Love and regards to everyone out there.