Day 28 - D Day Minus 4 (or The Atlantic Again)

Wed 29 Nov 2017 15:52
18:28.875N 051:17.433W
'Here we are again, happy as can be' skimming across the Atlantic pond at the incredible pace of 7 knots. I suspect that we are all a little bit apprehensive about reaching land and climbing into a taxi or bus which travels at a speed greater than 10 kilometers an hour and doesn't rock.
Last night I shared the early watch with Rickard. Late in the afternoon the skies around us had filled with rain clouds and, by sunset, we were surrounded by patches of isolated rain. So Rickard and I spent most of our 4 hour stint watching the horizon and speculating on which of the showers were going to catch us and make our lives uncomfortably wet. As it happened, apart from a brief shower which did little more than rinse the deck, we managed to avoid them all.
Unfortunately the following shifts were not so lucky. Shortly after we were relieved the heavens opened and it continued to rain on and off for the rest of the night. You win some, you lose some.
With the number of days before our arrival slowly reducing we have started to plan for important events and things that need to be done. For example, we need to find space in the fridges to put a dozen beers. Richard assures me that he has allocated space, I hope he is right. Duncan and I are planning our first run (walk) for two weeks; Alan insists that we are not allowed to take any money with us in case we are tempted to stop for a beer on the way.
A look at the cruising guide for the Island shows a well established place with good facilities and all the things one would expect in a popular harbour and tourist destination. Hopefully the damage caused by the recent hurricanes, although bad as we know, will not take too long to repair. I am sure that the crew will do their best to make their own small contribution to the economic recovery of the retail and hospitality sectors.
The ARC fleet seems to be sorting itself out at last and appears to now be following a similar course to our own. The main fleet is probably 10 days behind us at the moment and they have a long way to go. Anyone interested should Google 'ARC' and follow the link that shows the fleet on the map.
That's about be enough rambling for one day. Thanks for staying awake.