Atlantic Crossing - 2 Days 7 hrs to go

Fri 1 Dec 2017 13:29
18:18.292N 056:58.287W
Jeremy, Duncan and I were sitting on the fly bridge this morning (6 to 8 shift) discussing our next Atlantic crossing. After a few moments silence consensus was reached. "Hell no we won't go!!"
As the end of the trip approaches so the wind seems to died and the rain squalls have come in. Sudden, sharp, heavy falls of rain that then move on. This results in immediate hectic rushing around closing Biminis and hatches which have been left open to relieve some of the heat and humidity.
Last night there was lightning. Captain Donald does not like lightning. He feels our tall aluminum mast is the only big target able to attract the lightning in this part of the Atlantic. He rushed around unplugging all the electronics on the boat until the storm had passed.
I'm pleased to report that, as it was my night off and I had already fallen asleep (Ed. Again!), I missed all the excitement as I slept. It appears I am able to sleep through an apocalypse event. Must be the sleep of the good and brave.
Plans are being discussed of what has to be done once we moor in Marigot Bay and the priority work on the boat that must get done has been scheduled. Two Frenchmen from Fontaine Pajot will be waiting to start work on Monday morning early (French early - 09:45?).
The old men intend doing a survey of which businesses have survived the hurricanes with an emphasis on entertainment premises. Should keep us busy for a while.
Best regards