Day 22 - Still somewhere in the Atlantic

Thu 23 Nov 2017 15:52
17:57.850N 033:27.255W
I am writing this blog on behalf of Rickard, who insisted I do this for him.
My name is Rickard and I have realized one of my dreams. Purchasing this boat was something I have always dreamed of and is now a reality. Not only have I got a superb boat with all the extras, but I have managed to recruit the best Captain, his first mate and deckhand. Donald and Audrey took some convincing to join me in this new adventure, but I couldn't be more pleased that they have. Richard is a hard working and respectful young man who tackles all his jobs with enthusiasm, great to have on board.
I have met some real characters on this boat, one who I can only say gives me the hairy eyebrow every now and then, guess who. Another who I have to get out of his way when he moves and sometimes have to interrupt his slumber to talk to. Another who plays the guitar and talks incessantly. All great fun, the banter between them never stops and is extremely entertaining.
My Captain Donald is one of the biggest protagonists who never stops chirping, gives Audrey a hard time and runs the boat like a well oiled machine. Audrey produces great food for us on a regular basis, it never seems to amaze me what she puts on the table.
I offered my assistance in the watch program over this leg which seems to be making a difference. I do find that this has also tired me out. We had a storm last night which resulted in the boat heading into 16kt wind and large waves for about 2 hours, I only heard about the storm this morning, I slept through the entire storm.
Rickard didn't really ask me to do this for him, but I can't keep talking about the flying fish.
Still moving slowly through the Atlantic, no wind so running the engine. One day at a time, we are making steady progress.
Love and missing you