Day 12 - Friday 10

Fri 10 Nov 2017 14:05
31:10,317N 014:01,530W

We are heading at a good pace down to Las Palmas with an exceptionally busy sea and strong winds. The boat is proving to be capable of handling the turbulance and is rocking and rolling along with great confidence.
Good to know.
There was much mirth during the day yesterday when our youngest crew member confessed that he is planning to develop a relationship with Taylor Swift the American country singer. He is certain she has never met anyone from Wibank or had a Klippies and coke. There is a degree of determination which he displays which may result in this coming true. He took an extended amount of stick from the rest of us for some time, all in good faith.
Richard is really a credit to his parents, he is respectful and helpful to his geriatric crew members and extremely patient, we are all really pleased he is with us. He also cleans, washes dishes, sweeps, and all manner of other jobs which we dont have to do.
It looks like we should arrive in Las Palmas on Saturday morning, it will be great to get this part of the journey behind us as it has been a tough section. Not sure how long we will stay in Las Palmas for but if all the shopping is done may well leave on Sunday, otherwise stay two nights and leave on Monday.
Looking forward to being able to make contact with home on arrival in Las Palmas.
Love and missing everyone