Day 27 - The Mid Atlantic

Tue 28 Nov 2017 16:29
18:36.731N 048:20.882W
We are now well past halfway to St Martin from Cape Verde. Yahoo!!! It's like the celebration of 40 days to go in the days of conscription. The home going countdown has begun.
Although the actual distance from La Rochelle to Cape Verde was longer than that from Cape Verde to St martin, this leg does seem to be dragging on. Days of nothing but blue sky and blue seas.
Last night we again had a little rain and we are beginning to see clumps of Sargasso seaweed, always a pain if it gets caught up in the propellor or rudders.
We have taken to checking up on the position of the two ARC fleets who appear to be having a rough time of it with very light winds. Some of the boats are doing just 2 knots and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Thank heavens we have enough diesel and we can motor into St Martin.
Don and Audrey will take on supplies in St Martin and when we leave on the 8th they will sail on to the BVI for the final preparation for the first charter.
Current thinking of the 'Brains Trust'on board is that we will arrive on Sunday 3rd December. Roll on Sunday.
The current scuttlebutt is that last night on Duncan and Jeremy's watch a 'Big' object (flaming!) appeared in the sky and proceeded across the horizon where it broke up into two pieces before disappearing behind a cloud. Jim thinks it was space debris. Sounded very dramatic.