Day 8 - Monday 6th - A bit of relief

Tue 7 Nov 2017 12:42

41:35,691N 010:40,854W
640 Nm

Firstly, we apologise for the break in transmission. Our technicians have been working on the problem. Unfortunately we will be unable to post pictures for a few days but we will catch up on that once we have reached Las Palmas.

It was with more than a great sigh of relief that we exited from the Bay of Biscay. After a night of an 8 hour roller coaster ride in the dark we are on our way past Portugal with the wind and waves behind us.

On a personal note, after being presented with Audrey's special butternut and apple soup I managed to get rid of the last remnants of hangers on of sea sickness. Maybe it was Donald's comment that it was the best tasting baby poo he had ever eaten that was the catalyst but I can't be sure.
Donald's punishment was to take charge of disposing of the bucket. Payback indeed.

The night watch, 2 to 6 am, was fairly uneventful which we were very grateful for. The morning arrived with new purpose and after a shower and with clean clothing we are all back to being ourselves.

We have been averaging about 7 - 8 knots and have reverted to running one engine, to save on fuel, and flying one foresail. This is working well as we head down the coast of Portugal.

Love to all, Duncan

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