Day 21 - Somewhere in the Atlantic

Wed 22 Nov 2017 14:50
17:51.06N 030:43.155W
Nothing has changed. We are still making around 7 kts under power, with little or no wind, heading west surrounded by sea. As Alan says, at this speed we need to keep looking back to make sure that yesterday does not catch us up. We are, however, still going forward and slowly eating up the miles to our destination.
In terms of where we are, we are slap bang in the middle of a 314sq mile circle of nothing but the sea. (If the horizon is 10 miles away, do the maths and check.) Donald has got his sextant out and is doing some exercises that he requires for his next sailing qualification. Whilst doing so, he has been showing me how to use the instrument to take readings of the sun's position in the sky. After a couple more readings he will be showing me how to convert the readings into our position on the chart. Really interesting stuff and one of the goals I had set myself before starting this adventure. With a bit of luck I may be able to calculate roughly where that 314sq mile circle is.
The daily routine of eat, read, sleep, on watch, sleep, etc continues. Once one gets used to the disrupted sleep patterns and a body clock that needs to keep readjusting, the time passes fairly quickly. Since Rickard has returned to the boat we now have an extra person on the watch keeping rosta which means that, every 4th night one of us is able to get a full nights rest.
Apart from the reading etc, it is quite fun to watch the flying fish zipping around in the front of the boat. It is quite surprising how far some of them are able to cover as they skim across the waves before flopping back into the water again. Boredom may lead us to having a "flying fish flying" competition sometime in the near future.
All the crew are well and enjoying the experience. Everyone is happy and the chirping goes on unabated.
Love and regards to everyone outside our little 314sq mile circle from all aboard Nenne.