Day 24 - Notes from the management

Sat 25 Nov 2017 14:45
18:15.465N 039:24.443W
Life aboard Nenne has settled into routine.
One of us pretends he is always sleeping.
One of us is always cooking.
One of us is reading.
One of us is cleaning and polishing.
One of us is dreaming up lyrics and singing songs.
One of us is smoking up a storm.
One of us is fishing.
These routines are brilliant because:
The person who is sleeping a lot is always looking fresh and ready to help. (We just have to move past the ready stage.)
The meals are always superb and meals we look forward to.
We are regularly give book reviews and know what to read for the next year.
The boat is looking superb with all the cleaning and polishing.
We have not had to turn on the music system because of the fantastic background vocals and incredible range of songs.
The guy who is smoking is very happy he only had to give up one of his habits and is therefore very relaxed. Hardly had to lift an eyebrow the whole day yesterday.
The person who is fishing set up Duncan to catch a superb Wahoo which we all had a great dinner on.
Truth is we have 1369Nm to go. Remember that a Nm is 1.852 Km so we still have 7 or 8 days of routine ahead. All systems are working so we hope to be in St Maarten before the 5th December. We currently have very light winds and relatively calm seas.
Today is day 6 of the third leg to St Maarten. We have had very light winds for the last few days, but last night we had double digits (12 knots of wind) and made up some mileage. We are still not halfway across but the sailing has been pleasurable! The sunsets are exquisite and the night skies are beautiful.
Duncan caught a Wahoo yesterday afternoon and there was great excitement! The lasagne that was made earlier in the day and was ready to be baked, went back in the fridge. Instead we had baked Wahoo with pea and mint risotto.
A lot of planning goes into provisioning for an Atlantic crossing. A few fun statistics of what went onboard:
162 toilet rolls (I must add that they were small rolls),
110 par baked baguettes (my saving grace),
84 liters of milk,
40 boxes of cereal,
food for 35 lunches and 35 dinners.
Although, we do hope not to take that long to get to our destination. Today is day 13 of 19.
Everybody has their daily routine of eating breakfast, reading, some are smoking, playing a bit of guitar and discussing the previous nights wind or lack thereof. This is then followed by an afternoon nap (and for some, several naps during the day) in preparation for the evening shifts. The four hour shifts at night are long, but it does give everyone eight hours off.
We are all in good spirits! We are very much looking forward to seeing family and friends back home and for our world to stop rocking.
All our love,
Audrey and "Team Nenne"

30 Sunsets and Sunrises
Leg 3 of our great adventure, it seems unreal how beautiful the colour of the water is during the day. Yesterday we had an ocean with so little wind it looked like a mirror, something I was hoping to see on this big journey.
The daily routines are now almost set in stone with everyone in their favorite spots reading and doing the needed daily tasks to help time along. I find being the youngest on the boat by more than 20 years an adventure and blessing, to learn and hear hundreds of stories about races, near death experiences and history I never knew. The stories are one of my favorites and it makes me appreciate the team we are that is doing such a huge task, crossing the Atlantic...
Everyone misses home and loved ones, but in all honesty its the best people I could hope for on a crossing, because each of them is a legend.
1. The Captain (Donald)
2. The Chef and Boss (Audrey)
3. The Programmer and IT Support (Jeremy)
4. The Wise Wizard (Alan)
5. The Music Man (Duncan)
6. The Owner (Rickard)
7. The Support (Richard)