Day 19 - Mindelo Cape Verde

Mon 20 Nov 2017 10:21
16:53.142N 024:59.514W
The early shift for Jeremy and I on our way to Mindelo, Cape Verde, with land in sight. It takes a long time from seeing the lights to actually get there, but we finally arrived. We have labelled this last leg as the Harrison Flats of the trip, those who have run Comrades marathon will understand.
We went straight to the fuel dock and filled up with fuel. Donald concerned as the winds and sea look very flat for the last leg so he has added another 20 barrels holding 25l each. We now have 1300l in the tanks and the spare barrel of 1000l plus another 500l. This should see us through, I certainly hope so.
Rickard joined us again in Mindelo for the last leg of the journey.
Mindelo is not your desired holiday destination, really not much here at all. No shops to talk of, so on arrival we took a walk into town and headed straight for the Irish pub, there has to be one in every town. After a few beers we headed back to the boat. Alan was accussed of stealing money from one of the local ladies, she definately recognised him, we are going to have to watch him in future.
The afternoon saw us take a taxi up to the highest point on the island, really impressive views after a really hectic taxi ride. Even Jeremy was there to take in the views, however both Alan and Jeremy declined walking further round to get the more expansive view. Well worth doing as from this vantage point you can see accross the entire island.
We leave this morning for the last leg, each day will now be a day closer.
Love and missing you