Sun 29 Oct 2017 11:19
(This is a test posting to see if the mailasail interface is working)

Hello everyone out there who is interested in the great adventure. The crew is starting to assemble with Jeremy and Alan now lurking in the Pyrenees waiting for Monday and the rail journey to La Rochelle. We arrive there at at around 1500 and Duncan will, hopefully, arrive a few minutes later.

The great news is that we have a boat and our esteemed leaders, Donald and Audrey, and Richard (the only crew member apart from them who knows what he is doing) are currently in the process of moving in.

It looks like, weather permitting, we will leave port on Wednesday or Thursday. Once we are on our way, between us we will try, via this blog, to give you regular news and comments about our daily life and experiences on the good ship NENNE.

Waiting for a passing yacht.

Regards to all, Jeremy