LaRochelle - Day2

Wed 1 Nov 2017 15:35
46:08.72N 01:10.06W
Day 2 La Rochelle. The skipper's prayers for colder weather to justify his insistence that the old men buy foul weather gear have been answered and it is freezing. Even Duncan's teeth were chattering at breakfast and he broke out his foul weather jacket. By 10:00 the captain decided it was time that  his intrepid crew were sent to town to see how Fountaine Pajot boats are made in the factory and get us out of the way of the contractors. The size of the boat building undertaking is truly immense with huge catamaran day tripping boats destined for Cuba being built on the slips. However Nenne is definitely the last Victoria 67 to be built by FP as the molds have now been destroyed. We were then taken down to the old town to do a little site seeing and shopping for warm clothes. We rounded off a very nice day with a few beers and dinner. We need to ask the Captain nicely to pray for warmer weather.

It is cold and sunny here.