Christmas message and update from a Relaxing FALBALA

The EJ's Voyage
Mike Everton-Jones
Wed 24 Dec 2008 22:13
Hi There Everybody!!!!
Yes we are alive and very well ,the blog has taken second place since we arrived  as there are so many things to do now we are attached to the land!
For those who followed our blog ,we hope you enjoyed it and shared a bit of the great experience. We will be updating the blog but whilst we are just island hopping it won't be daily but we'll try our best
Our arrival in Rodney Bay was great, fantastic ,brilliant and quite emotional  as we crossed the line and started the engine .Well done crew you were great!!!  On the quay to meet us were Malcolm and Irene with Champagne and the ARC people with rum punch and a steel drum musician. So you can imagine that having finished a 05:17 hrs the rest of the day was a bit of blur. It was great to just go and have a walk along the quay even though it was rolling and the boat seemed steady after so long at sea.
We spent a week in Rodney Bay  doing the party circuit and then we said good bye to Scutch as he flew back to IOM and his family for Christmas. From his lovely emails since getting back he seems to confirm that he enjoyed it tremendously and was really happy to have achieved a life long ambition . Well done and thanks again.
On leaving for Marigo Bay and our Christmas berth we had a generator that didn't hunt (I managed to service it and it seems to have done the trick) and a spinnaker and Yankee in the sail loft being repaired so that new spinnaker is on hold for the time being (thank goodness as they are not cheap). As I write this the sails are now back on board and the bill wasn't too bad  .
We had a very nice sail just two hour down to Marigot Bay  with a couple of great reaches. Bob the marina manager was on the quay to greet us. It was great to see him after two year since our last visit to Marigot. The berth is fantastic. Hope to attach a picture of us in the bay . Mark and GULLIVER followed us round and the boats are now happily  side by side in the marina as we have done on so many previous years cruises.
The Christmas tree is up on the aft deck causing  every one passing by to smile, say Hi and in a lot of cases photographed. Presents are now wrapped and we are having a meal tonight together with the GULLIVER crew less their skipper Mark who flew home to be with his Mum for Christmas.Then just the four of us Catherine ,Malcolm ,Irene and myself will join Jamie and Emma at their fab apartment with pool for a Full Turkey Christmas meal (the Turkey made the crossing with us and is now defrosting) tomorrow
Our plan then is to stay here until just after New Year and when  Jamie and Emma fly home we will sail north to Martinique for a week. Neither Catherine nor I have visited there before. So hopefully will have some good stories for the blog,  then on up to Dominica and Guadeloupe with the intention of being in Antigua for  the last week in January
We hope you all have a Fabulous Christmas and that you get all you wish for in the New Year.
Love Kisses and Hugs to everyone  ( choose which one is appropriate for you personally)
Mike,Catherine ,Jamie ,Emma ,Malcolm and Irene
P.S: we might be back soon with some Christmas pictures!

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