Thu 4 Dec 2008 16:13
2 december 17:30 UTC, wind 5 knots
Channel 16
CAIMAN: This is sailing vessel caiman, sailing vessel Caiman calling the sailingvessel on her port bow running on her engine, over.
Boot X: Gayman, Gayman this is the Matchmaker on your port bow, is your boot filled with gayman, over?
CAIMAN: Matchmaker, this is Caiman, could you repeat, could your repeat, over.
MATCHMAKER: Caiman, that was a joke, over.
CAIMAN: The name is Charly, Alfa, India, Mike, Alfa, November, over.
MATCHMAKER: Caiman, what can we do for you, over.
CAIMAN: We are running low on buthaan, camping gas. We have more than enough diesel to spare. Could we do swap, over.
MATHCMAKER: We carry 600 liters of diesel, and are cooking on Propane. Would that be of any use to you? And we could use a couple of bears, over.
CAIMAN: Sorry no can do. could you make some wind than for us, Windmaker? over.
MATCHMAKER: the name of the boot is Matchmaker, over.
CAIMAN: That was a joke, over.
MATCHMAKER: bon voyage, over and out.
CAIMAN: thank for the help, we will share beer at the bar in st Lucia. Over and out.