Update from Muros, Galicia, Northern Spain

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Thu 5 Sep 2019 14:18
Dear Readers, I must apologise for the tone of The Skipper's last posting.  As you might have gathered, he was not a happy bunny - rather more a grumpy old bulldog, .but with very good reason!  I am however trying to spread sweetness and light and to let you know that most of our boaty problems have been resolved - after one fashion or another, and we shall be on our way again tomorrow. 
Staying here in Muros has been a delight - a small village tucked away up a long inlet...and it has World Heritage status.  lovely old stone buildings, lots of arches, windy back streets and lots of character.  Problems apart it has felt like a little holiday, particularly after the battering we had on the way here.  Force 7-8 wind and no auto pilot was NOT fun but it did show the true strength of Peter's seamanship and helming skills.  We sort of limped into here, tidied us and the boat up and headed for the nearest hostelry.  It is fair to say that after 5 days' passage and having settled down into the watch system (brilliantly masterminded by Sue) we all slept that first night here as if sleep had just been invented and we were hell bent on getting our moneys' worth.  It has taken its' toll on us all in many varied ways...in writing my daily diary of the trip I decided that the month immediately following August was February - and I diligently wrote it in as a date up until this morning ;-(  
Meanwhile, ALLEGRIA has been given allsorts of TLC***, us laydees have given the Marina laundry some welly,  (*** Not sure that turning her into a very expensive drying line constitutes TLC, but it had to be done) and we shall head off tomorrow continuing on down the coast of Spain, then Portugal.  not sure where first stop will be - winds are still strong and predicted to continue but hopefully not gale force. There was some talk of visiting Madeira but the delays both in Channel Isles and here have probably put the tin lid on that.  Canaries - here we come.
So, hopefully normal blog service shall continue and we can let you know our whereabouts. 
Bye for now, Lynn and crew
PS:  info for our Woodcote fans, I have just had a pontoonside conversation with a John Hawthorne from Woodcote!  small world eh?