ARC DAY 17 Wednesday 11th December

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Wed 11 Dec 2019 19:48
14:47N  056:30W
255  nautical miles to go!
Well Skip's bread was delicious.  Heinz tomato soup and freshly made bread sandwiches for a cockpit picnic lunch.  The blue skies and sun have disappeared and we have cloud cover, but it hasn't resulted in the usual squalls.  The wind has dropped a bit in fact, just when we thought a bit of a push would be welcome. ah well, it can change in a heartbeat and usually does.
We are being followed by a very posh 33 metre yacht - not part of the ARC rally, she is headed for Martinique.  Wouldn't mind her overtaking us as we could have a good old nosey.  No other boats in sight or on radar, but that will change as there are a cluster of boats due to arrive over a staggered period of time with us.  Plans have been made as to how we deal with our grand arrival, mostly the practical side of things but the possibility of cobbling together  a team outfit was briefly raised.  We are sadly lacking in the sartorial elegance department - lots of the other boats are sporting some great (presumably) self-designed team shirts. Maybe we should just go for th rainbow look with none of it matching!
I have just brought up the map showing the track of our entire journey from Lymington to here on the chart plotter -  around 4,700 miles - it looks truly awesome.  also it's amazing to think back on our two 'unintended' but totally delightful 'holiday' breaks in Muros and Vigo in Galicia en route - both of which seem like a million miles and ages ago! 
What an adventure this has, and continues, to be.  2 more sleeps Smile emoticon 
PS; Julie and Tom thanks for the emails x