We only have 1824nm to go!

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Mon 2 Dec 2019 20:31
19:56.3N   030:43.02W
First Mate with Mate here...
According to the ARC update at midday today we only have 1824n.miles to St Lucia to go!
And right now we're flying along with two head sails poled out, 'wing on wing', with the wind behind us.
We had our first (and we'd all like to think last) squall last night... so we're now eyeing each cloud that goes by with suspicion.
No boats in sight by eye or AIS today so once again we used our little portable radio to tune into the SSB radio network the ARC set up to hear how some of the other boats were doing. It's a little like listening to a CB (Citizens Band) radio... does that still exist?
So some of the boats, especially those signed up for the World ARC, are carrying this SSB radio system alongside their VHF and each day at noon and 1pm they all tune in and give their position, boat speed and a weather update, followed by catch up conversations... though it can sound like Daffy Duck talking to the Flowerpot Men!! Turns out everyone's cooking Italian tonight, we're going a little off piste, heading toward Greece (not literally, honest) with Skipper cooking moussaka, yum
Billy No Mates here.  Apologies for lack of Blog yesterday - this was due to an "Incident" - Assault of one crew member by another.  I didn't mean it Skipper - please can you take the leg irons off now?  When I threw that rotten pear overboard I didn't intend to splatter the First Mate's Mate fairly comprehensively - not to mention quite a lot of the cockpit.  It was only a pear got God's sake - looked like the aftermath of a toxic cloudburst....I'm sure the boat heeled just as my throwing arm went into action.  I got rid of te last pear today - the bad bits that is, quite safely.  Hard to keep fresh stuff fresh in this climate.  Come the third  week we'll be on weevils and ship's biscuits.  (Digestives, so reasonably OK)
The wind has increased considerably so we are in for an interesting night and hopefully a fair amount of mileage to be covered.  Looking forward to reporting on our progress in the next blog.
Cheers M'Dears, ALLEGRIA and the Motley Crew
Wind has picked up considerably so a