ARC DAY 7 - all at sea

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Sat 30 Nov 2019 18:08
21:01.07N   025:04.1W
Hello Readers,
Yet another gloriously sunny morning but with a special surprise in the form of an escort of a large school of dolphins at 10 a.m. who not only  played around the bow, but treated us to a display of aerial acrobatics....fabulous.  Then  a sight of our first flying fish.  We are doing a bit of flying ourselves in that we have recovered from the 18 or so hour delay after the start when we had to pull into a handy bay to change the auto-helm motor - and we are now well into the fleet and have left some boats behind.  Not that we are racing of course - dear me no.  The fact that we have started to plot the progress of each yacht in our group is merely an exercise in chart plotting skills.
We seem to pick up speed overnight and hopefully this will continue.  The butter hasn't quite melted yet but you will be told when it has Winking smile emoticon
Saturday night onboard - not got the disco ball out just yet - leaving for much later when we can hear the steel drums from Rodney Bay - but we might have a boogie round the cockpit table just for the hell of it.
Oh - the laydees amongst you might be pleased to learn that being Mid Atlantic is no barrier to retail therapy.  I have managed to order a BBQ and suitable fitting to be picked up on arrival at Rodney Bay Marina.   Yee Haar - snags, charcoal burgers, jerk chicken and rum punches for Christmas - who needs a turkey????