Fog and Shipping Lanes

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Sun 15 Sep 2019 11:44
    40:03'.48N, 009:54'.6W 
    It's now just over 24 hours since we left Vigo and all's well. It has been an interesting time all in all. We motored out of Vigo Ria and then found some wind and spent a perfect afternoon on a broad reach doing 6 knots and on course. It wasn't going to last and as night fall came the wind died and we have been motoring ever since. We have been on a converging course with the shipping lane and had to dodge a few ships during the night which were heading towards the coast.
    When I came on deck just after dawn, which is about 0800 Spanish time, we were in thick fog. Terry's estimate was for visibility of about 30 meters. Thank your lucky stars for modern technology. With radar and AIS employed we felt reasonably comfortable. As we were now close to the north going lane we took the opportunity to dive across 2 ships and get between the lanes. It's a bit like being on the hard shoulder of a motorway. We'll choose our moment and cross the south going lane sometime probably tonight.
    It looks like we will be stuck with several days of little or no wind. The forecast shows a weak low pressure on the edge of the Atlantic high which is giving us light and variable winds instead of the Portuguese trades which normally blow from the north.
    670 miles to go to Lanzarote.