The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Wed 4 Dec 2019 19:19
18:50.6N   035:57.9W
1463 miles to go
Phantom Fruit Flinger here.  The exciting news is that tomorrow we will be celebrating the half way mark, which we should actually reach some time in the wee small hours later. As ever, food will play an important part, kicking off with pancakes for brunch.  As a special dispensation from Skip, the 'dry boat' rule will be suspended (for one day only Folks)  as we crack open a bottle of Prosecco to mark the event, accompanied by canapes.  Yee haar.
The Trades are still ensuring a rock n roll ride...showering can be interesting  Staying in one's billet at can prove challenging at ni ght, when the winds are very varied and the swells are feeling particularly  'mischievous' to put it mildly.(or do I mean politely- recalling one log entry which succinctly read "Bloody Horrible".)
We seem once again to be amongst a small group of boats, some of whom we have chatted to.  One lonely soul at the back of the pack chimed in saying he'd not seen or heard of another boat for days.  Awww. 
That's it for now, tune in again Dear Readers, and hope that someone sensible is on the keyboard.
ALLEGRIA and crew