Satruday 7 December - ARC DAY 14

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Sat 7 Dec 2019 11:48
17:09N   043:44W
So that's two weeks we've been going. 
Good Morning!  08.40 am our time, but 11.40 at home.  Who's got their Christmas Tree up already then?  I know of a few that will have.  Nothing of the sort here - too many things going bump and walkabout in the night without having to anchor deccies down.  That said, a bit of tinsel in the fruit and veggie nets might do the trick - if we had any.  Fruit and veg gradually disappearing as well but t I have to say, the fare onboard is excellent.  Did we mention the Prosecco and smoked salmon/cream cheese canapes at the halfway point?  next celebration will be at 675 nm - three quarters of the way - still 425 miles off.  No provisions for celebration thought out - might just have to be cake!
Skip hoping for Friday arrival we'll see.  I'd prefer to arrive in daylight Saturday than the wee small hours on Friday.  The first arrivals will have been there a day  or two now -he boy racers and the great big posh yachts and catamarans.  Meanwhile we are happy to amble along, with the odd(polite term) squall-induced burst of speed now and again. 
Over and out for now - ALLEGRIA et al