Poltergeists and other embuggerances

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Sun 8 Dec 2019 19:23
16:28.2N   047:32.3W
Sunday 8th - ARC DAY 15
ALLEGRIA is turnng out to be quite a unique vessel in many ways.  She is one that likes to set the odd challenge.  One of her special attributes is the ability to produce an amazing cacophony of sounds - a lot of which, to my untutored ear, don't sound at all nautical. 
I am sure that Sue has already mentioned the "Screaming Banshee" that inhabits their cabin.  They are long suffering.  It is caused by a piece of kit (for non-sailors) and the Watt & Sea for those in the know.  It continues the  banshee howling even when switched off.  Then we have 'The  Whale' so lifelike that we live in fear of the noise attracting another whale intent on humping the boat.  Abel, our Auto-Pilot (so named as a plea for it to keep going) has developed a 'handbrake turn' noise every now and again.  I could go on..
Then of course there is the newly christened Percy the Poltergeist.  Its' claim to fame is the whip of a squall just as the duty chef of the evening starts cooking.  He  reaches his personal best as the plates are being handed out. Percy is of course responsible for anything we thought safely stowed leaping out in attack mode from any given cupboard at any given angle.  He hides things.  He makes our Easyo yoghurt maker underperform....curds and whey anyone?
It is a sunny Sunday, fairly lively sea-wise but then everything is relative.  I had back to back squalls on my 2-4 am watch so today is a picnic.  We are in regular contact with another boat - a 48' Rassy - 5 onboard, including 2 kids aged 6 & 8.  They are getting cabin fever, due to the squally weather and are also suffering dire 'lego malfunction' moments according to their Dad.  Suffice to say that both  them and us are looking forward to a cautious ETA in St Lucia either Friday or Saturday.  Daylight preferred so Saturday likely.
Watch this Blog!  Over and out for now.
Skip here. Much better weather here today. Yesterday was very rough with fairly continuous squalls and even between the squalls it was blowing 20+ knots. Progress therefore slower today but more comfortable. Everybody is hoping for a quiet night.