Belated Update

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Thu 19 Sep 2019 17:59
Apologies Dear Readers - if we still have any - the wonders ot technology meant that we have had no sattelite signal for a few days.  This was most inconvenient as it meant no access to a daily weather forecast which is usually handy.  In the event however, it wasn't a great problems as we didn't miss any dire warnings of impending high seas, gale force winds or any other nasties.  The lack of wind for most of the journey was readily apparent!  This actually gave rise to some hurried calculations as to fuel consumption/mileage and whether we would need to factor in a stop to fill up the tanks en route.  Hope the calculations were right as the decision was taken to soldier on.
So - quick report - the fog reported in last blog eventually cleared and the ensuing pleasant weather meant we were accompanied by dolphins...always a spirit lifting sight. Also we passed the 600 mile mark.  That night produced tumble drier conditions in terms of boat movement for a while - not pleasant but we survived.  Nicer next morning and we managed to get sails up.  We also gave the odd 'lift' along the way to sparrow-sized birds...they didn't look anything like big or strong enough to cross oceans.  As if that was enough excitement Dear Readers, we caught a fish for tea!  Still no idea what it was, but thought maybe a yellow finned tuna - but it was white meat once cooked and tasty. 
Serious shipping lanes to be crossed meant us dodging tankers and cargo ships, but was good news though as it showed headway being made for our course to the Canaries
The following day was glorious and the sea state and the fact that we were again motoring meant that on deck sunbathing was the order of the day.  We hit the halfway mark of 400 mile to our waypoint (cross on the map to steer to!) so celebrated with kit kats -  oh well!  More sunshine for last two days and mirror glass calm seas - which the turtles we saw swimming past the boat and heading north were enjoying.  Possible sighting of a pilot whate too - either that or a very large solitary dolphin. 
As I write it is Day 36 out of Lymington - this of course takes into account our two unplanned 'holidays' in Muros and Vigo and I wouldn't have missed either.  Tomorrow is Friday 20th and we hope to reach the Island of Graciosa just off the north west tip of Lanzarote by evening.  The plan is to anchor up overnight and celebrate.  It should then be a 20 mile saunter around the top of Lanzarote to Arrecife where we will go into the Marina and test of land legs for a day or 2.  Tired and frustrated crew, all night motoring does not make for restful nights and of course there are the watches that come into play.  Must away, Sue has the Chef hat on this evening and spag bol is smelling delicious.
More reports to follow - satellite willing!