A lovely nights sail!

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Mon 9 Dec 2019 17:46
"15:48.2N 050:15.6W"
Following Skipper's last comment, last night was a lovely night's sail!
First mate & Mate here...
In the last of the daylight we set the sails on a port tack (it's been a while) for the night, which meant for the duty chef (Sue) the galley was heeling in only one direction for a change, and a relief. Though it's still a weird sight to see your pans on the hob lurching far away from you, it's better than seeing them then lurch towards you!
Whilst our backs were turned during dinner the wind reverted to its more usual blowing downwind heading! So there we all were, post dinner, back on deck resetting our two poled out head sails in the moonlight! Very romantic it was too!
A very quiet night was had by all according to the log, no squalls, steady winds, with clear and starry, moon lit skies. And no 'Screaming Banshee' (otherwise known as the Watt & Sea generator) to lull us to sleep in the aft cabin either!
It's hard to resist checking what our remaining miles were this morning... just 631nm! Then, whilst seeing how we're progressing within the ARC's position list, we were suddenly surrounded by so many playing dolphins. We're reminded of what someone said to us before we left... 'don't forget to enjoy the passage itself, concentrate less on arriving, there'll be plenty of time for that'...
With the end of this great passage of adventure within days, everyone is dreaming of what that will mean for themselves when we arrive. A long hot shower, standing upright, or a meal that you don't have to plan according to your veg's sailing survival, cooking without dancing across the galley floor to catch rolling veg, then returning back to watch duty. A bottomless glass of icy cold frothy topped beer with your name on it...'yes please', she says....and then the holiday starts with exploring the Caribbean.
But as Sue said earlier, the great adventure is crossing this vast ocean and experiencing the weather, the sailing, the night sky and the wonderful sun filled days. When it shines it shines! I pinch myself when I have the watch on my own, at night, realising that we are literally on our own out here with the elements of nature. Wow...