A well overdue 'hello' from the crew...

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Wed 27 Nov 2019 16:33
"24:01.9N 019:01.3W"
It's time for a well overdue 'Hello' from the 'First Mate and her Mate' of Allegria via this blog...
We joined Peter and Lynn, our 'Skipper and his Mate', aboard Allegria in Lymington in the summer when the prep began for the boat's passage from the UK to the Canaries in readiness for the ARC.
And now here we are, at the beginning our first Atlantic crossing, in fact our first ocean passage!
If you've also been following the Facebook page: 'Allegria.SV' then you'll have already heard from me, Sue, first mate, during the first stage of our adventure down to Gran Canaria. Now that we are carrying a Yellow Brick tracker so the ARC folk and you can track our Atlantic progress on the World Cruising website (just look out for the Atlantic Rally) it turns out we can continue to post 'online' as such using their technology (thank you 'Mr Yellow Brick'!) during our ocean crossing, though no photos I'm afraid.
And there was me thinking I had a few weeks off to enjoy sailing! 
Terry's a little media shy, perhaps because his day job is behind the camera and not in front of it! Or perhaps because he has become the extra pair of hands Peter needs to attach 101 bits and pieces to the boat as we go along, so is kept very busy... You might have spotted him in our FB photos, the one that now has a beard to hide behind when he's without camera... though it doesn't hide his grin! He's now mastering the art of looking thoughtful whilst stroking his beard!
Hello everyone! The Mate's mate, Terry here. As I was scanning through this when Sue passed over the keyboard, I realised that I was stroking the said beard! How has that scruffy growth of hair that started on the passage down to the Canaries become such a comfort blanket? This is the longest sea crossing I have ever done and so far so good. Lots of knowledge gained in the parts of a boat and how to get them to work together to get the best out of the boat and I'm sure the next few weeks will be a mind blowing experience.
So between us we'll try and share a little of our chatter from the aft cabin...
Ps. for the sailors out there, today's been another day of light winds, sail changes and jobs to be done... sound familiar!