Underway, Stopped and Underway Again.

The Adventures of Allegria & Crew
Peter Lansdale
Mon 25 Nov 2019 12:42
        ''27:08.1N 015:36.8W''
After much frantic activity on the dock in Las Palmas we decided we were ready and left the marina heading for the start. Having not found the outer mark of the start line our chances of a good start were minimal and so we were behind a good chunk of boats when the starting gun was fired. Nevertheless we were making good progress with the mainsail and gennaker up for nearly 2 hours when hey presto the autopilot failed again. We changed course for a suitable anchorage off Gran Canaria and spent the night at Plasito Blanco, changing the drive motor and having a night's sleep.
By 0700 we were off again, with the autopilot working and ever hopeful that it will continue. Skip
We do however appear by the sound of things, to either have a new companion either with, or along side of us. it is produced by a piece of kit (won't bore you with details) but it sounds as if a hump back whale - let's hope the noise doesn't attract a mate - the consequences are unthinkable. Lynn.